Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Butterfly Effect - Michael Moore, you've redeemed yourself

Feb 18 update:

Calpundit Bush National Guard summary to date.

Off-topic but revealing article detailing how this administration supports our troops - the injured ones -"It's one thing to make a major misstep in Iraq; it's quite another to try to stiff the young people whose lives will never be the same because of it."

Please to forgive the breathless tone of this post in which your correspondent expected more stuff to break open all at once and quickly.

He may have inadvertently harmed Nevada County (rabble rousing yields local newspaper publisher backlash yields hair's-breadth margin electing this Supervisor yields, um, not exactly progressive majority county government) but it would seem that he gave the national press the jolt it needed to hunt down the truth.

And to see the truth emerge, ugly though it may sometimes be, is a glorious thing. Think boils, festering,
sunshine principle... ( [in journalism:] "A good question is: would I be proud of myself...if the facts of this case were laid out in a journalism review, in the media column of the Washington Post, or in the pages of my own publication?)

The places to go for info are the "'cleansing' of the records" posts at Whiskey Bar and CalPundit, also CJR Campaign Desk correcting the timeline (presumably correctly), and, o wonder of wonders, USA Today. It's great when papers of heretofore little stature stun you (again) with their courage.

Also fascinating - the way the FReepers have descended upon the Calpundit comments in the last few days, trying to browbeat proprietor Kevin Drum into shutting and giving up. They don't seem to be so hot on respecting the freedoms of others.

Moore himself (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) weighs in in Calpundit comments

from another Calpundit commenter somewhere in here - "It's fine to be pro-war if you're willing to back that war with your own blood. But to be pro-war and hide.. that's the height of cowardice."

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