Monday, January 05, 2004


On perspective, from here:"All of this rhetorical overkill reminds me of a line about the late rants of F.R. Leavis: 'In his later books he libelled his literary opponents so scandalously that when he tried to condemn Stalin he had no harsh words left over.'"

From comments here:"Just saw a bit of the Paris Hilton and Nicole show. It is, easily, the most eloquent argument for an estate tax that has ever been created."

From everywhere: Britney Spears as argument against allowing heterosexual marriage

Love is a many-legged thing

From here:
Utilitarian: One who believes that the morally right action is the one with the best consequences, so far as the distribution of happiness is concerned; a creature generally believed to be endowed with the propensity to ignore their own drowning children in order to push buttons which will cause mild sexual gratification in a warehouse full of rabbits.

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