Thursday, January 08, 2004

More mindless cribbing from those with quality content

most likely via metafilter...

Idea incubators, at
Good ideas, [I think] all from the Global Ideas Bank:
  • A politician's suit covered with sponsors' logos
    at least once a year politicians should be obliged to wear a ceremonial suit covered with their sponsors' logos, with the patches sized according to the percentage the sponsor contributed to the campaign fund.
  • Meet the mayor on the park bench
    ...sitting on the same red bench in the centre of Hönefoss every Wednesday at noon, whatever the weather. This was his idea for opening up dialogue with his community. Sometimes people have to queue up to chat with him.
  • Jurors can interrupt with questions
    Circuit Judge Robert Jones in Portland USA who since 1994 has allowed jurors in civil trials in his courtroom to interrupt with questions, even when witnesses are on the stand
  • anti-virus software that anybody in the developing world could download for free from the web.

  • How to share out property fairly among relatives
    executors auction the property amongst those eligible, with the highest bidders' payments going into a pool to be shared out at the end.
  • Three classes of substances - legal, illegal, tolerated
    'It would be illegal to advertise tolerated substances and they could be sold only in generic paper wrappers'
One small contribution of my own -

Having the Visiting Nurses come out to give flu shots at the drugstores and workplaces is a wonderfully time- and cost- effective way to prevent illness in a large number of people. Likewise for bone density screenings, likewise for the freely available blood pressure monitor in the drugstore. But given that diabetes incidence is rising, that it tends to develop gradually, that it costs a lot to treat once it develops, that people often don't know they're at risk - why not also have the nurses come out to do fasting blood glucose screenings?

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