Friday, July 06, 2012

How to report city and county issues that need fixing

This month's Nevada City Advocate (story not online AFAIK)  reports that Nevada County has an online and mobile "citizen service request" app for reporting potholes, environmental hazards etc, that went live several months ago (link). (Update: The City of Grass Valley has one too)
Pros: no cost to county.  Cons: Communication looks to be one-way; the browser version doesn't have a map & doesn't show you what issues have been reported, so you can't tell if you need to report a problem or if someone else has already done so.

I'm still partial to the citizen-visible, map-based reporting of SeeClickFix (which needs a city name, it doesn't work with a zipcode; and SCF's city permalink might not work right) - it lets you see all the reported issues & their status, and lets you report (and see) issues on the same site for cities and county.
(Caveat: to my knowledge neither cities (GV, NC (SCF) nor county get notifications from SeeClickFix when you submit a new problem; this is something we should change.  Anyone know the email addresses that these notifications should go to?)

I've got a call in to NevCo's IT  to get a "report" email address for the county; GV and NC city offices are closed Fridays, so that's on the to do list.  

Wed. updates: GV doesn't seem to have one main phone # you can call, to get a human.  And like the county app (& unlike SCF),  GV's app doesn't show other reported issues.

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