Sunday, June 05, 2011

NY Times Bombshell: “The latest scientific research suggests” climate change is “helping to destabilize the food system”

See ThinkProgress for the story. Kudos to NYTimes journalist Justin Gillis - and his editor - for covering this.


Don Pelton said...

Good article, and frightening.

This is a result of a "mere" one degree average increase in global temperature.

I cannot imagine what the world will be like after a 5 or 6 degree average increase.

"Fortunately," we don't have to imagine. It's being copiously documented by journalists such as Bill McKibben and scientists like James Hansen and others.

gzaller said...

Thank you for pointing this out. It contributes to an understanding of the principle that the resources to support life as we know it are becoming exhausted.

I am particularly frustrated that while so much effort goes into pro-life, in all its forms, the stage is being set for mass starvation.