Thursday, January 13, 2011

Local blog commenters' argument tree? Anyone?

Once again yesterday, I spent too much time commenting at Jeff Pelline's blog, reiterating old points and having others reiterate theirs. This is tedious and counterproductive (and irksome) for the commenter, and has got to be nearly as tedious for the reader; so IMO it's time to innovate.
Jan. 24 update: I got zero interest (in helping to work on this) from other commenters (maybe some like spending their day that way?), so am putting this project on the back burner.

Who, among our Nevada County regular commenters, is interested in working together to build an argument tree, that traces through talking points and counterpoints and counter-counterpoints etc? Then rather than reiterate, we could just link (and add) to it.

John Stoos? Juvinall? Crabb? Pelline? others?

(not to start immediately, but sometime in a week or two)

If you'd be interested in working together on this, leave a comment on this post please.
(and other ideas are welcome...)


SkiTheStars said...

Having never heard of an argument tree, it might be helpful to see a few links to existing trees. If they don't exist, then this will be a giant project, and a review of possible existing software may be in order. Those would include the various bulletin board systems, multiple writer/editor systems, and the like.

Anna said...

The Climate Collaboratorium started out as an argument tree, I think. (And was there another site? its name is escaping me)

Agreed, it'd likely flop, but would it be any floppier or more game-able than the Groundhog Day that blog comments at chez pelline are now?

(it's on the back burner for now anyway, busy w/other stuff.)

Anna Haynes said...

Compendium is the other site I was looking for.

Don Pelton said...

I'm interested, but I'm also generally determined to reduce my level of posting on all other blogs, in order to increase the amount of time I spend writing for my own online journal (which includes a blog). So, I won't commit to anything, but I'd like to learn more about the suggestion (I'll take a look at those links you provided).