Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Climate Hawk" logo; plus other imagery

I've added a Climate Hawk logo to this blog's sidebar (though it makes the mouse a bit nervous) - David Smith of Stockbridge Green architects designed it, and Gail is making lapel pins.

As for other imagery, I'm working on a (Creative Commons-licensed) climate communication "salient climate imagery & quotes" page/poster; drafts of it are up & I'd welcome feedback on it from science-aligned folk.

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Gail said...

Hi Anna! The pin is in production...I hope it will be ready for distribution in 3 weeks more or less.

Would you like to see the art proof?

if so email me at witsendnj at yahoo dot com

I am hoping that the wearing of climate hawk pins will provoke conversations that otherwise might not transpire - and also, that various knock-offs will become popular, with various website addresses, colors and themes. Perhaps they will become collectibles and inspire passion, like the peace sign.

The current plan is to offer them at $10 each (shipping to the continental US included) until I break even for the upfront cost (~150) and then I will order another run.

I think they're quite pretty!