Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Blogger commenting SW bug?

I find I can't leave comments, on Blogspot blogs using the newfangled commenting format.

While this is irritating in the short run, it does save time in the long run...


Anna Haynes said...

And while on the topic of comments - I have been leaving some on The Union lately. It's odd, there - no dialog, & not much investment of time/energy into the comments, that I've seen at least.

I wonder which newspapers have developed a commenting community where the social equivalent of Gresham's Law doesn't hold sway.

Anna Haynes said...

oops, the URL in previous comment doesn't work unless you're a) me and b) logged in.

and a clarification, re "not much investment of time/energy" - I meant from commenters, not from the paper. (and there are exceptions, re the former)