Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knock knock: In Nevada County, it ain't the Avon Lady

... more like the ovine lady, or a portion thereof.

(this isn't news anymore, being 2 weeks old, but - particularly for city-folk who don't have a feel for our local culture - I did want to document it. Beware: photo below.)

News sources report that on the night of Oct 30, a severed sheep's head showed up on the doorstep of CA District 4 Democratic candidate Charlie Brown's campaign headquarters in Grass Valley.

Police were, of course, investigating.

severed sheep's head photo

Photo from Calitics (where it's a goat), story from The Union (where it's a sheep).

(And in other news, we have a new President-Elect. Good news: this one comes with a brain that isn't still shrink-wrapped - and is still attached.)


Michael R. Kesti said...

I figure it was Rahm Emanuel trying to have fun without being too obviously repetitive.

SkiTheStars said...

The Secret Service has its work cut out for it. If anyone takes out Obama, I won't be surprised if the Left declares, "open Season, No Limits," on NeoNAZI Skinheads. He who lives by the sword......