Saturday, March 01, 2008

Just a note - smelly drinking water is back

Update, another week later - water is fine again.

Our water started going bad last weekend, I called and left a msg (which might not have been received...) - but last night it was still noticeably off.
For newcomers, a post from 2005 provides background on this problem. Overall, the water has gotten much, much better since that time. Just not for the past week.

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Anonymous said...

Anna, you were wondering a couple of days ago on ClimateProgress about Anthony Watts' possible fundamentalist views (alleged by Pangolin). I found a tidbit via google and posted it there, but wasn't sure you'd see it. Here it is:

Anna, a quick google finds this from when AW was running for re-election to the Chico school board:

Q: “There has recently been a surge in people running for school boards in order to influence the teaching (or non-teaching) of evolution or creationism. What are your thoughts on the teaching of these two subjects in public schools?”

A: “I have no designs on either issue, as neither is part of my platform. But I do believe in balance, and if one subject is taught, the opposing view should also get attention. Ultimately, parents should discuss religion with their children, as it is a personal choice. The debate over creationism versus evolution goes back decades, and is now part of our American History. A student needs to know that history to make an intelligent choice about how they view religion.”

That seems clear enough.