Friday, November 16, 2007

If you missed Van Jones in Grass Valley last night...

...I'm sorry. You should have been there. It was wonderful, enthralling, freeing, inspiring.

He gave a similar talk last Friday, in Seattle; here's an excellent writeup. And for those who did get to see him last night, here's a video of his "Clean Energy Jobs Bill" press conference moment with Nancy "if Bush and Cheney choke on a pretzel, she's President" Pelosi.
(Thanks J.!)

Fortunately, Yuba Gals was (were?) filming his talk last night, so those who didn't see him will be able to.
Next time, let's bring him to the Center for The Arts.

And the woman asking Jones the question about how he retooled his organization? That was Shawn, blogger at Project Simplify.

Thanks to the Woolman School for giving us the opportunity to hear him.

Martin Luther King didn't get famous for a speech saying "I have a complaint"...

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Shawn said...

Was that an awesome presentation or what? Humble, funny, and with an inspiring vision. I look forward to hearing a lot more about him.

He gave so much info about his current situation that I think (hope!?) he would have worked that story about Nancy Pelosi into any question that was asked!