Thursday, August 09, 2007

NCVoice is down; it's temporary

It will return as Nevada County Voices (since it certainly doesn't speak with a single voice...)


Russ said...

Anna, you have created an innovative commuity resource, congratulations. This what I thought the Union should be doing. However, since NC Media Watch writes on multiple subjects, I object to being lable a global warming denier. Please change this offensive lable, or remove NC Media Watch from Nevada County Voices. Thanks, Russ

Anonymous said...

The point of the word denier is to associate you with holocaust deniers. It's the Godwin's Law version of weather science, you might as well just learn to live with it. Even though it seems obvious that human caused weather will be a problem, it's hard to get away from emotion in this kind of thing on either side.

Use of words like that are more about winning arguments than solving problems but I'm afraid it's just human nature.

Anna Haynes said...

Russ, I'm of two minds about this, and I don't know which of them is my right mind. :-)

But I've changed the header in response to your comment; and now, if you hover over the asterisk, you get what I think is an accurate description of your and your compatriots' writings about global warming: that you believe you live on a planet "Where global warming is not happening, not significant, not our fault, or not avoidable".
To me that's being a denier; but I don't mind spelling your views out, rather than labeling.
("sauce for the gander" department: speaking of labeling, "Junk" really isn't a synonym for "Peer reviewed, meritocratically funded". At least not in my world.

And Russ, could you please go back to the comments in my June Ask Dr. Science post (where I'd looked into the claims that you and CO2"science" had made, and found them wanting), and address my observation there that you were engaging in revisionist argument?
(You'd originally claimed that the CO2-'science'-described research showed there'd been a global Medieval Warm Period; I looked and it turned out it hadn't; you didn't acknowledge that your claim was wrong, at least not on my blog, but tried to argue a different claim altogether.

Part of intellectual honesty is admitting one's errors.

thanks -

Anna Haynes said...

Also Russ, another question -
What do you think is the probability that global warming really is being caused by increasing CO2 levels and is a grave danger that's very much worth taking major steps to address?

50%? 10%? 1%? less than 1%?

Russ said...

Anna, I have posted my long comments on NC Media Watch. You requested that I not post long answers on NCFocus.

Anna Haynes said...

Russ's response is here; unfortunately it's a bit of a ramble and doesn't answer the questions I asked.