Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another candidate blogger - Terry Lamphier for Supervisor

May 22 update:

I received no responses (i.e., not even "No" responses) from County Supervisor candidates John Spencer, Hank Weston, Martin Harmon, and Gordon Beatie regarding my "blog setup help" offer from a week and a half ago.

The only active blogger of the bunch listed below is still Nevada City City Council candidate Barbara Coffman.


He accepted my offer, so I've started a weblog for Terry Lamphier, who's challenging John Spencer for the position of Nevada County's District III Supervisor.
(I put up several of Terry's past Other Voices columns and his introduction, but will be backing off and letting him do the heavy lifting from here on.)
(For more of his views, see the comments on posts over at Russ Steele's
NC Media Watch; for example, on George Rebane's On Balance a Philistine? post, or on Russ Steele's Do you know what LOS really means? post.)

Today I've extended offers of "blog setup" help to John Spencer and to the District IV Supervisor candidates (Hank Weston, Martin Harmon, and Gordon Beatie); I do hope they'll accept.

List of known Nevada County candidate weblogs:

For Nevada County Supervisor:

For City Council of Nevada City, most active first:


Russ Steele said...

Hi Anna:

I think the Union is missing a story on the political bloggers. Thanks for the links to my blog. I am giving a two hour seminar on how to start your own blog at the Gold County Community Center on Wed morning. Link here:

maxr999 said...

You can bet your last dollar you'll never see a John Spencer blog. The first, and last, time he went a bloggin' he used a forum to make disaoaging comments about a Grass Valley City Councilman. Spencer was forced to apologize and promised to never blog again.

I think John Spencer has learned that the less he says about any subject, the better it is for him. He might have to answer questions about completely funding the local Winery Association to the tune of $36,500, even though that organization is comprised of millionare vintners, yet left only $1,100 for Meals on Wheels, which services the county's most needy, and helpless residents.

Anna said...

> I am giving a two hour seminar...

Russ, I hope you had better success than I did.

(although we do have 1 success - Barbara Coffman's been blogging up a storm in her City Council campaign. Here's hoping the electorate rewards her for it.)

Anna said...

> You can bet your last dollar you'll never see a John Spencer blog. ...

Max, what confuses me is a (noncombatant's) report that Mr. Spencer and his wife are wonderful and gracious people.
Regarding the initial foray and faux pas, my guess is that - if I'm correct in assuming he has Freeper tendencies, politically - he thought he was at a WWF (wrestling, not wildlife) event and not a dinner party, and acted accordingly.
(and did apologize upon discovering his error)

As for the disparaging comments, actually I think they weren't just made about the councilmember...Sadie might have insight on this.

maxr999 said...

I met Mr. & Mrs. Spencer once and went away with the same feel, they are friendly and gracious. That however, works to their advantage and one shouldn't let themselves be blinded by the veneer. This local couple, who both sit on potential conflict-of-interest political seats, are clearly shills for the pro-development , outside interests that are working to pave over our county. Take one look at their voting records. Examine their donor lists. Peer at their political base. Their care isn't for the quality of life of this magniifcent county, it's about how many ugly subdivisions, wretched chain hotels and shopping strips they can cram in like a square peg into a round hole.

Being friendly folk ain't got nothing to do with it. That's the kind of smokescreen that befuddles the likes of Jeff Ackerman.

Anna said...

max, your "in a nutshell" sketch of Mr. Spencer and his wife brings to mind the quote (in here) from Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times: "If you don’t explain yourself, you just invite others to do the explaining of you for you."

I'm not sure Mr. Spencer recognizes that he's extending this invitation; I hope he'll consider retracting it.