Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Your tax dollars paid for Doolittle's phone spam

Update: got a callback from Mr. Pirillo who wished to stress that all members of Congress get funds for outreach, which was how the phone calls were funded. And folks we got ourselves a deal - he assured me that those calls probably cost less than 20 cents each far less than sending a letter.

(normally Congressman Doolittle uses mail service for outreach, but because this was about his recent actions to restrict illegal immigration, an issue of great concern to his constituents, it was felt that outreach via telephone was appropriate.)


Almost a month ago, with no election in sight, the phones of Nevada County began to ring. We left our ladders, our loved ones, our schoolwork and our slumber; picking up the phone, we were subjected to a spiel from an automated John Doolittle, urgently ticking off the tough new measures he's taken to protect our border from the hazards of illegal immigration.

The measures weren't the only ones that got ticked off.

But it was legal; signing up for the Do Not Call list provides no protection from your Representative.

Curious about who paid for the calls, I phoned Doolittle's Roseville office and asked. A polite young woman took my name, question and number, but no one returned my call. Weeks passed. I tried again last week, then this week got a callback and answer from Doolittle's field representative Chris Parillo: we taxpayers are footing the bill.

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