Friday, November 04, 2005

As the world shrinks

In a post from last November, I linked to New York City blogger Britt Blaser's view of conservatives and liberals as conformity enforcers and diversity enhancers; to which Britt emailed this reply*:
...It was nice to visit your blog, since I have warm memories of Nevada County.

I flew tankers out of Beale AFB 1968-71, refueling the SR-71 [*]. My kids
were born there and we have happy memories of the many great towns between Smartville, where we lived, up to the Snow Bowl, where we had a great military discount.

At that time, my address was midway between Timbuktu and Rough and Ready:

Captain Britt Blaser
Star Route
Smartville CA 95903

You wouldn't make this stuff up!

This afternoon I was out on No Man's Land communing with nature* when a neighbor approached the barbed wire to see what was up. Pat's sweatshirt said "SR-71"...we got to talking...and, curious, I asked her if she'd known a pilot named Britt Blaser, at Beale...

So Britt, which of your children did you weigh on the scale at the Smart(s)ville post office?

and it seems your BMW made quite an impression...

Real life intervened, but Octobers of Avian Flu (1918 and 2005) may get filled in at some later point. Apologies for the appearance of having abandoned the series on a cliffhanger, although it's actually a ploy to get you to stop by the historical library (on North Pine St in Nevada City, open 10-4 weekdays) and dig for yourself.*

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