Wednesday, August 10, 2005


(Awas is Malaysian for "If you fall in that hole it's your own damn fault".*)

Effect Measure is not safe to visit today. The title of this post draws a pained request from a reader, but the proprietor's response is not at all helpful.

From someone in Metafilter (here) a while back:
I remember reading at one point that having a song stuck in your head stimulates part of your lower brain, and that the dumber and simpler the song is, the more the lower part of your brain likes it. It's like having an inner moron.

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Daniel said...

The proprietor of a certain newspaper website in Spartanburg, S.C., is perhaps America's most shameful purveyor of bad songs. He is a walking database of heinous lyrics, who used to delight in polluting the minds of his coworkers.

Effect Measure no doubts understands the issues at play. Those guys are experts in the spread of infectous diseases.