Thursday, March 17, 2005

Meretricious mottos

When we learn a new word, we try to illustrate* it, albeit inaccurately.

Google's motto is Don't Be Evil, and we're sure they meant it at the time. But we know full well that Google is insidious, addictive, a thief of time and slumber - when there's a world of information just waiting to be summoned to your screen, how do you tear your eyes from the site?

When and if we figure this out, we'll let you know.

Another Google hazard - letting Google do your legwork can cause deep-vein thrombosis

Next up:
The "packed with peanuts (or almonds), Snickers really satisfies" motto is rescued from the realm of mendacity by the plaque of its teeth: consulting Merriam-Webster reveals two plausible meanings for packed in this context, caused or commanded to go without ceremony, and covered or surrounded with a pack. Slicing into said vending machine exudate makes it clear that filled completely would not be a reality-based interpretation.

Should the motto-makers of Mars transition to journalism, they'll face a bright future as editorial writers.

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