Monday, December 27, 2004

Of letters and leavers

Jan 3: added a caveat to implied speculation

Today, Teddy writes of the pending departure of Carol Feineman, the unnamed reporter from the post below, who we understand will be joining the Colfax Record.

A week or two back, an amusing letter to the editor on the local "watchdog press" paper's neurological difficulties:
The Union needs to investigate whether the person who brought this [special favor ordinance amendment to build granny units, in defiance of subdivision CC&Rs and against the assistant county counsel's legal opinion] before the supervisors or if any potential granny unit builders donated money to any of their campaigns, used any of the supervisors' outside job services, know any of them personally, ever had lunch with any them, or have in any way at all been involved with any of the supervisors...
Please correct us if we have this wrong: sources report at least one of the resignations occurred after a "big fight" spurred by this column ** of the publisher's, regarding (among others) the article referenced in this post.

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