Saturday, August 21, 2004

Weblog population explosion in Nevada County!

[Reader, this is what's known as "hyperbole"]

Not only is The Union fearlessly getting ready to commence to begin dipping its toe into the future of journalism, but it also turns out (via above column) that earlier this month Nevada County acquired a new blogger, Russ Steele, proprietor of NC Transportation Infrastructure and NC Media Watch. He uses mostly the same terms I would, to describe goals and methods - "modest growth", truth, accuracy...but somehow ends up in a very different place. I still have enormous trouble understanding how this works.

Welcome to the local blogging fold, Russ and soon Rich.

Also NCTV now has a blog.

Sadly, the explosion has bypassed Yubanet - nothing new on their weblogs page. And Eric, Booktown is looking awfully stale.

[complaint deleted]

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