Thursday, December 11, 2003

disruptive technology will make waves in radio

Doc Searls lately with a couple of pieces. First, How radio can unsuck itself:
Old Fashioned Broadcasting - AM, FM, TV, Shortwave... - is railroads. Internet Radio, by individuals and small organizations, is cars. We still have railroads, of course. But what cars did was give us a way to make our own transportation. To go where we wanted to go, in our own way, thank you very much. The same thing will happen, has to happen, to radio.
then Rant Radio:
...the big difference between Rant Radio and Ranting Bloggers is that I can't avoid the former and I can the latter.

On the road yesterday I wanted some traffic and weather. Fine, but scanning the dial, I had to put up with a load of ranting to find what I wanted. I had to listen to choose, weed through to find. Radio has no index. No search by content.

On the web, I put what I want in a search and I get the info. I may have to scan a Google list but I don't have to read the content of each. Yes, I set my "favorites" like my dial, but no one is controlling the content or limiting the choices...

and - in keeping with yesterday's post below- discovered a fine film review writer, Jeannette Catsoulis, here on LOTR. If your film is a dog, you do not want her reviewing it.

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